Hi there!

I’m Kali Fox.

Version 2

(awkward selfie.)

I’m a 28 year old Georgia girl that is obsessed with all things design. Growing up, my parents owned a construction company that specialized in home building. I spent much of my childhood on job sites playing in mud and getting yelled at for looking too closely at sharp, pointy tools (but seriously, though, if you say don’t go over there, of course I’m going to go over there. That’s kid logic.). To this day, the smell sawdust or fresh paint makes me smile. One of my favorite parts was getting to pick out the paint colors, finishes and fixtures; the finishing touches that turned it from a muddy construction site into a house. This segued into a love of interior design that I just haven’t been able to shake. I spend HOURS scouring Pinterest and design blogs getting ideas, finding new obsessions, and drooling over patterns, textures, and colors (seriously, I have over 10,000 pins and about 9,000 of those are design related. The other 1000 are cheesy dip recipes.). I’ve never been a huge shopper of clothes or shoes or jewelry. But put me in a HomeGoods and watch me go. To. Town.

Recently, after a brief stint in Michigan, my husband and I have moved back home and are settling back into life in the South. We purchased a house that I love but is honestly, not something I ever saw myself in. Typically, I go for the old homes. You know, the ones that are falling apart and have dirt and bugs and broken glass and have creepy basements. The ones that have gorgeous wood work and original wood floors and stained glass and built-in bookshelves…I’m getting myself worked up. However, we found ourselves in a newer built home (2004-ish). It was the first house we looked at when out with the agent and for some reason, I just knew it was the one. It just felt like ‘home’. Despite being a newer house, it does have cool touches. Like the sweet trim work around my dining room entrance:


                                                                          (Cool, right?)                

and an adorable front porch (that came with rocking chairs! Big score.).

My goal for this blog is to not only document my journey with making this house our home, but also to meet others that are in the process of creating their ‘nest’. I love getting to know people and talk design ideas, so feel free to shoot me a message!

I’m so excited to start this journey and see where it takes us!

Love and kisses,



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