Welp, Hobby Lobby has done it again. This place, I tell you.

I had ordered a gorgeous print from of a map of the South. Y’all know being a Georgia girl, I love the South. This print was so modern and clean, I immediately fell in love. I originally saw it featured on one of my FAVORITE design blogs, Y’all check it out. Below is the print in white, mine is black but unfortunately out of stock. Because it’s fricken’ sweet.

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 7.56.52 PM.png


I had visions of hanging it over the table in my foyer but alas, it wound up being too small. The South is currently hanging in my living room until she can find her permanent home elsewhere in the house.

It was on one of my after-work-Hobby Lobby trips that I found this cutie pie:


I’m not normally one to go for the ‘word art’ as it’s normally so dang cheesy. However, I loved the simplicity of this one. And it’s flippin’ huge. I wondered around the store for a good half hour debating before finally giving in and buying it. I’m so glad I did because it wound up really bringing together my foyer. Here she is in her new home:


I think it’s quite appropriate that it’s the first thing you see when walking into my house.

The table she’s hanging above is one of my favorite things I own. I scored it at TJ Maxx right after hubs and I got married for a cool $100. It is basically a huge chunk of wood so it weighs about eight thousand pounds. But I have never found anything as cool as this piece. So unique.

Also, gotta point out the red books next to Hedgie. Those are by Jenny Lawson of the Bloggess, another one of my all-time favorite blogs. And not to brag, but the top copy is signed by her. Just sayin’. She is awesome and hilarious and you should most definitely go over to and check our her shiz. You will laugh until you cry.





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