Mantle Love

This is the first place we’ve had that’s had an actual fireplace. And I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been having a blast styling this mantle. I am sorely lacking in the do-dad department, so I’ve basically been scavenging around the house trying to find stuff that will work. Christmas was fantastic because while I don’t have a lot of decor yet, I do have a TON of Christmas decorations passed down from my grandmother. IMG_3278 (1).jpg

No stockings yet, pitiful.


Sadly, after Christmas, I had to pack away my trees. It left the mantle feeling so lonely and space. It had no flow and it was bugging the heck out of me. Last night, I decided I had had enough. I found a champagne bottle from our wedding and an old print that I’ve been saving for a rainy day and went to work. It’s not super different, I basically just stole some other items that I had in my living room. I’m still not totally digging it, but it’s definitely an improvement:

IMG_3643.jpgIMG_3642.jpgIMG_3641.jpgI’m eventually going to switch out the branches for some tall cotton stems. But I feel like I need more height. The mirror above the fireplace is GINORMOUS, so I’m thinking of making a wreath to hang right in the middle. But for now, it’s definitely an improvement.


On a completely unrelated note, time changes this weekend and that makes me so darn happy. Yay for spring!







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