Living Room Redo: Part 2

Part 2 of Living Room Redo 2K16! When we left off, we we had redesigned the layout of the space and opened up the room a TON.

We went from this:  IMG_3782.jpg


To this:


Next step: couches and the gallery wall. The recliner and his recliner couch counterparts just had to go. My friend had pinned some inspiration photos on her pin board and from one of them, I was able to track down the couch in the photo. Below is the screenshot of the sofa from Macy’s:

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 9.05.45 PM.png

We looked at several options at The Dump, but none of them really had the right feel that we were going for. One was very close, but had a funky shape that wouldn’t have allowed us to use the coffee table. When the Macy’s couch went on sale randomly on Monday, they jumped at the chance. Below are photos of the couch in it’s new home:



Kitty approved AND Kali approved!

I went up just this past Saturday to help my friend get the gallery wall up and running. In order to vibe with our new theme, we needed some new, rustic art work for the wall. So of course, we went to Hobby Lobby. We left the shelves where they were and worked around them. I would hold up a piece, get her to hold it, step back, adjust, nail, hang, rinse, and repeat. It was a tedious process and thankfully we make a good team. This was the finished product:


She still has to fill some of the frames with photos, but I think it turned out pretty darn good!

In addition to Hobby Lobby, we had the chance to hit up a really killer place called Bobo’s Intriguing Objects. It just so happened that that weekend was their annual warehouse sale. All I can say? KILLER. Check out these screenshots from their Instagram:



AWESOME. If ever you get the chance to check this place out, make sure you do! We found several awesome items for even more awesome prices. I even bought a few things for me including this awesome, huge, bottle-jar-doo-dad for $20!



We were able to score some awesome pieces for the living room including a giant HEAVY white platter, a gorgeous pitcher, a piece of metal wall art, and an absolutely beautiful solid wood lamp (all for around $100!).

The rest of the day was spent doing some more rearranging to incorporate our new finds. I also had an inspiration moment where I decided to try out layering the aztec rug over the jute one in the living. Below are the after shots from Phase 2:



(Unintentional puppy hiney photo bomb).





I am EXTREMELY happy with how it’s progressing. We have ordered a new rug for the dining area and the hallway which will debut with Phase 3. We are also working on a black and white photo collage to go over the small sofa next to the TV. The mirror that is currently hanging in that space is going to be transferred to the wall above the buffet after we paint it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue.

Stay tuned for the final reveal with Phase 3!



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