More Mantle Styling–It’s An Issue

I know, I know, I feel like every other post is about my mantle. But this current design is here to stay. For a while, at least. Last time I was here, my mantle looked like this:

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 6.32.00 PM.png

Good, not great. Pretty meh if I’m being perfectly honest. However, after I found the insanely cool vintage postcards from my last post, I had a little more to work with. Below is my mantle today:


You can see the ram postcard in that awesome frame I found at Joann Fabrics (ten dolla, son!). I also had an old sketch I had done based on a drawing I originally saw on Pinterest. The frame was another basement find from my parents (seriously, they could have their own antique shop).


The little frame was yet another basement find. The key was courtesy of my junk drawer. I would like to say it’s something meaningful, like the key to our first house. But honestly, I have no flipping clue what it goes to. Probably something boring like a shed.

I also found this amazing Rolling Stones print at Home Goods for a whopping $7.


The platter in the middle is in transit right now. I don’t think she’s there to stay, but I don’t really have another place for her. She was an impulse purchase from my trip to Bobo’s Intriguing Objects. I found her for $15 and couldn’t say no. Not sure where her forever home will be, but for now she’s chilling next to Mick and Keith.


I’m liking this set up A LOT better than before. Eventually, I’m going to switch out those sticks for some long cotton stems or possibly a small branch with green leaves from my backyard. I’m also still hunting for the perfect wreath to go over Humongo the mirror. I have yet to find something that knocks my socks off without costing an arm and a leg. You know this girl is all about the deals.

It’s so much fun to see things progressing with the house. I’m loving the direction it’s going so far. Still so much to do, but the process is half the fun.



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