Well, this is embarrassing.

I know, I know, I have been EMBARRASSINGLY lax with the blog lately. Currently hanging my head in shame. However, LOTS has progressed with the house since we last spoke! Let’s start with the biggest change, shall we?






(Ignore my crap basket, please. Shut up, we all have one.)

I sadly (and stupidly) didn’t take any before pictures. This is the closest a could find, a pic of the wall in question while I was painting the kitchen table:




Honestly, not even sure why that was important. It was a blank wall. Pretty self explanatory.


ANYWAY, the whole buffet purchase was the product of a won bet by yours truly. It involved myself, my husband, 55 chicken nuggets, and vomiting. I’ll spare you the details.

I scored the actual buffet at this discount furniture store near my parent’s house. It’s sadly closing it’s doors, but I was able to snag this piece at their closing sale for $270 (!!!!!). Yes, be jealous. The artwork was from Scoutmob and Society 6. The silver platter is vintage. Everything¬†turned out gorgeous and I couldn’t be more thrilled. All the frames were from Joann Fabrics during a 40% framing sale.

The contents are all vintage. The glassware was my grandmothers and the silver tea set was a wedding gift from my aunt and uncle. My grandmother and great-grandmother gave it to them when they got married. So cool, right?



I haven’t placed everything the way I want yet, it’s all kind of shoved in there for now.

The stuff on top were all things I already had. My copy of ‘Cabinets of Wonder,’ my $10 Himalayan Salt Lamp, some old pitcher that my mom gave me in college, and a clearance basket from Target.





(enjoying the fruits of my labor with a night glass of Pinio Grig and a hip Insta filter)

I’m super pleased with how it turned out. It has certainly exceeded my expectations. Also, next time my husband bets me he can eat 50 chicken nuggets, y’all really should get in on this bet.





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