The path ahead.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the direction I want to take with this blog.

Ah, who’s kidding.

The direction I want to take my LIFE.

God has always been, and will always be, the prevailing constant in my life. I’ve spent many hours in prayer lately asking for guidance and for him to show my my path. I’ve felt very disconnected lately and needed to reset and refocus. I’ve been trying for so long to do everything on my own when in reality, that’s not going to get me anywhere. I need to live my life in Christ. I need to depend on him for all things and lean not on my own understanding. Thank God I have some fantastic pastors I follow online. There was one series in particular that recently spoke to my heart and made me wake up. He made me realize I wasn’t living the way I should be.

After spending time with the Lord, I really feel that the direction I’m supposed to go in is to grow this blog. Home design is my passion and this is the absolute perfect outlet for me to share my ideas, collaborate with others, and live my dream. I’m certainly not a blogging expert and don’t expect my little corner of the internet to be overwhelmingly amazing at first. I’m a newbie and can’t even figure out how to validate my page on Pinterest (-_-). But I do know that I’m not alone. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. And I look forward to meeting other bloggers that have gone through the same things as I have right now. I know there will be days I will probably need a little support. But I cannot tell you how excited I am to truly be beginning this journey. I cannot wait to meet others who are just as passionate about design as I am and share our dreams.

I can’t wait to finally get on this path.



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