Spare Bedroom Design Plan

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Hello my lovelies!

Going to share with you today something I have been working on for a while now. It’s pretty exciting stuff, so saddle up partner!


bedroom design goals calm blue headboard modern design vintage eclectic.png

My spare bedroom design plan!

Told you guys it was exciting.

I was inspired by a few different bloggers for my original plan. The first is from a home tour on Apartment Therapy (see

whitney's traditional meets glamour apartment apartment therapy blue headboard white bedding vintage modern.jpg

So gorgeous, amirite? I had been totally and completely uninspired about our spare bedroom for the longest time. It essentially had (up until a few weeks ago) been a dumping ground for stuff that didn’t match with the rest of the house, old wrapping paper, broken things that I will totally one day for sure repair, and a few truly terrible watercolors done by yours truly.

However, one day as I was perusing Pinterest, I stumbled upon this gem of a bedroom. And I thought, “Blue headboard? WHAT?! YES YES YESKKFDJFKD;JGKEJAGEJFDKLJKER!!!” (I got really excited at this point and my words stopped working). Inspiration had struck.

And then, it struck again.


driven by design gray dresser round metal mirror calm bedroom neutral colors gold mirror modern design.jpg

DROOL. Just drool on the keyboard.

That mirror, that dresser, all that delicious stuff on top. Just all. This was found on the fabulous, check it out!

And finally, a very similar design concept found on

round metal mirror gray dressor modern design eclectic home design goals calm bedroom.jpg

More drooling.


So here is my version (cheaply done, of course!):

World Market Brass Metal Loop Mirror:

Brass metal loop mirror world market round gold modern design home decor .jpg


World Market Antique Gold Scoop Desk Lamp:

antique gold scoop desk lamp mid centurty modern task lamp gold home decor design.jpg


Jennifer Taylor Kay Tufted Headboard in Navy:

tufted headboard navy blue velvet cheap bedroom design home decor .png

Shades of Light Modern Diner Ceiling Light:

modern diner ceiling light flush mount edison bulb bedroom glass light fixure home design decor schoolhouse .jpg


Belle Maison Antique Olive Print Set No. 1:

antique olive print set art collection botanical print bedroom art cheap prints gallery wall.png


Target Riva End Table in Black:

riva end table painted black end table brass ring pull modern hardware home decor design bedroom redo.jpg


I’m also planning on hanging some bamboo shades with white curtains not unlike this from

bamboo roman shade white floor length curtain modern calm bedroom home design decor .jpg


In addition, I’m trying to convince my husband that we really do need a king size bed in the master, and then I can just plop my beautiful white Pottery Barn duvet upstairs. I will keep you posted on my success (or lack thereof, at this point).

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got so far! I still have a few other things I have to nail down, but these were the biggies. I haven’t started anything at this point (besides day dreaming). I try to space out my purchases, so this should be done in approximately 28 years. Just kidding (hopefully).

Let me know what y’all think!



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