Dining Room Table

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Morning lovelies!

I wanted to share the ideas I have for my dining room table! My dad and brother are super handy and awesome and they have agreed to build me a custom table. We’re even contemplating starting a little side business….

I had a vision of a simple metal frame with thick pieces of wood with rough edges. Not unlike this:

modern farmhouse dining room table metal barnwood repurposed diy home design goals interior design blog blogger.jpg

Amazing, right? Such a statement piece, and so simple. I’ve found similar designs from Pottery Barn and Fixer Upper:

griffin reclaimed wood bench and table modern farmhouse black iron metal diy home design goals dining room table blogging blog blogger.jpg

Screen Shot 2016-09-24 at 10.38.07 AM.png

I’m leaning towards painting the metal black as according to my dad, it would be easier and look cleaner.

My brother randomly scored some STINKING BEAUTIFUL reclaimed wood that is going to be perfect.

reclaimed wood barn diy table dining room table interior design modern farmhouse blogger blog.png

reclaimed wood diy farmhouse table modern design.png

In loveeeeeee. I think I even have enough to make a matching bench as well! Score!

Currently, my dining room situation is as follows:

current situation dining room diy modern farmhouse table reclaimed wood.png

So hot, right? (Blatant sarcasm). The light fixture isn’t horrible I guess, but it just doesn’t pop. I love my mirror, but I think that i need something larger on that wall. Still contemplating that one. But the table is going to look KILLER, there is no doubt about that.

Now, if I can only get my brother up off his hiney and start welding….



Rough Wooden Table//Pottery Barn Table// Fixer Upper Table


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