Weekend Shenanigans

♫ Currently listening to: Sons & Daughters by Allman Brown


Happy Monday, lovelies!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Our Saturday was mostly spent loafing around the house and enjoying some patio beers. Sunday, I drug Joshypoo over to the Cotton Pickin’ Fair in Gay, GA. It’s a cute little festival with homemade candles and soaps, art, and lots of fried food. Josh had what was quite possibly the largest corndog ever created by man. It was truly a work of art.

In addition to vats of fried deliciousness, there was also clogging to techno country music.


Only in Georgia.

We had a good time and I came away with a couple of cool do-dads. I got two handmade candles by Ivy Mist Candle Co out of Monroe, GA. These are in my favorite scents, lavender and honeysuckle.


My sweet in-laws also bought us the cutest little concrete fox for our yard! I would include a photo, but it’s dark outside and I don’t want the neighbors to think I’m a crazy lady outside taking photos of concrete foxes in the dark with pajamas on. I’m a weirdo, but I haven’t crossed that line just yet.


Besides that, the only new addition I have is the cutest little saddle blanket from Amazon to go over the back of my couch. I saw it originally on the Thoughts From Alice blog and fell in love. I’m definitely going to have to update my pillow situation. And wouldn’t this look so much better on a leather chesterfield? Dreaminggggg.


Also, big step for the blog! My sweet, sweet hubster surprised me by buying me a camera! It’s a fancy and amazing Nikon that I am so excited to learn how to use! I’m pumped to have some actual legit photos instead of these oh-so-great iPhone photos I’ve been sharing. I feel like a big girl blogger now!




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