Staircase Love


Sorry if I’m a bit distracted, but MY CAMERA ARRIVED! It is beautiful and amazing and I have no idea how to use it but I am SO GOSH DARN EXCITED! I wasn’t even expecting to get one any time soon, but the hubs is the cat’s pajamas and surprised me with a Nikon D3300. And a book on how to use it because I am clueless. He’s the bees knees, all right.

Any who, I thought I would share some cool staircases I’ve seen on the inter webs lately! My own staircase is quite boring and I am constantly trying to think of ways to spruce it up.

Let’s start off with a bang, shall we?


modern staircase .png

Amazing, amirite? It has everything: shiplap, metal railings, gorgeous wood tones. Love.

This next one is simple, but I love it. All clean white, and dat handrail!

modern farmhouse style staircase natural boho white.png

I’m also really into stair runners such as this beauty:

home decor blogger diy stair runner persian rug vintage boho style.png

I would love to get one of these bad boys on my stairs…but am a little gun-shy after the Great Rug Debacle of 2016 (see My dumbest mistake ever. for the full embarrassing tale).

But dang are they pretty.

young house love blogger diy home decor stair runner stripes rugs.jpg

This above shot is from a blog post on Young House Love where they give step by step instructions on how they DIY’ed this puppy.

This next one wouldn’t work with my staircase, but I love the idea of having a glass paneled door to block them off. Would be an especially pretty solution for a house with small kids or pets.

stairs with door vintage look home decor blogger diy.jpg

And finally, last but certainly not least, quite possibly the cutest little peekaboo stairs every seen. Yes, I just made up the term ‘peekaboo stairs’. What else would they be called?

boho style see through stairs vintage white walls modern simple design home blogger diy.png

Which one is your favorite?


White Shiplap Stairs with Metal Railings//White Stairs with Natural Handrail//Stairs with Red Persian Runner//Stairs with Striped Runner//Stairs with Glass Paneled Door//Peekaboo Stairs


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