Happy Wednesday, sweet readers!

Lately, I’ve discovered a new love for tablescaping. It’s something I’ve never really done before (probably due to, you know, not having a legit table)…But since I have a gaw-geous new dining room table in the works (see Dining Room Table), it has gotten my wheels ah-spinning.

This first one is from my favorite design blog, The White Buffalo Styling Co. If y’all haven’t been to her page, go immediately and check it out! Well, not immediately. Finish reading this first!

But seriously, she has amazing style and great taste. She uses a lot of rustic elements with vintage finds and unexpected twists (see those fabulous floral napkins!). She is basically the best.

white buffalo styling co better homes and gardens bhg tablescape fall vintage diy design blogger.png


This one below is almost a gothic interpretation with those black candles and cut glass goblets. And the teeny tiny little apothecary bottle tucked away (I see you there hiding!). Adorable.

gotchic tablescape rustic diy design blogger diy.png


I am all about easy and this one would be about as simple as it gets. And so gorgeous! How fabulous would this be for a Christmas dinner?

holiday tablescape simple easy diy natural christmas dinner party design blogger.png


This one is technically for a buffet or dessert bar, but whatever. I love the fresh flowers and greenery. Flowers are always the best accessory.

rustic tablescape dinner party planning diy foral sweets design blogger.png


And finally, sheesh-kabab look at this set up! Makes me wanna get married all over again just so I can have this as a table setting!

dinner party diy tablescape nye new years eve party design blogger.png


I’m pretty excited for after the holidays so I can stock up on some different do-dads on sale to really spice up my table next year. Y’all know I’m all about some deals, so I am biding my time waiting in the shadows until everything goes on sale. Ugh.

Also, go follow me on Pinterest to get some more ideas for your holiday tablescaping! Link is on up at the top! ❤



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