Bedroom Zzzzzzz’s

Hello lovelies!

Y’all, this girl is having a long day. A long week, if we’re being real. Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Hubs and I had colds last week. Not like a cute little baby got a sniffle cold. Nah. Like full blown honking nose and body wracked with pain and oh my gosh why does my hair hurt cold. Like, will I ever be able to breathe out of my nose again cold. So fun. THEN. I found out I had to work overtime on Saturday. THEN. I had to leave for a work trip at 6:30 Sunday morning. My hubs dropped me off at the airport. Such a sweetie right? And THEN. Then. He sends me this while I’m sitting at the airport in a coma eating the most pitiful and depressing bagel in the world.

home decor blogger krispy kreme hubby husband funny.png

That’s cold, man. That is cold.

But it’s all good. Currently in my PJ’s in bed in my hotel room. I’ve got some Pinot Grigio, some cable TV, some peanut butter M&M’s, and some lovely photos of some cozy and fabulous bedrooms to look at. Wanna see?

This one is so adorbs. Almost makes me want to have a baby. Almost. 😉

wit and delight instagram bedroom boho style eclectic cozy baby room basinett mid century modern style persian rug white bedspread.png


That bench, those mirrors, that rug, gah!

amber interiors instagram boho eclectic style shibori persian kilim rug bench at bottom of bed striped white bedspread round mirrors glass lamps mid century modern .png


I’m SO digging these simple, round mirrors. And that wall mounted lamp!

housetweaking modern style eclectic boho round mirror bamboo curtains gray walls white bedspread diy.png


Are you seeing a trend? 🙂 I am having a love affair with white bedding, end of the bed benches, and Persian rugs. And stripes. Always stripes.

style by emily henderson white striped bedspead kilim pillows bench at end of bed white walls bamboo shade bedroom eclectic style boho modern .png


This last one is so bold. Black walls are such a daring choice, but dang did girlfriend pull it off. So cozy and wonderful. I could definitely cozy up here.

dark bedroom white bedding iron bed boho style eclectic cozy bedroom diy bloggers decor home.png


That’s all I have for today! I’ll see you crazy kids on Wednesday. And stay healthy. Seriously, go take some emergen-c, like now.



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