Show me your textiles

Hello lovelies!

This is gonna be a quick post. Your girl is pooped. Already in my hotel room in bed with a glass of Pinot Grig and consuming more peanut butter M&M’s than what is considered socially acceptable. It’s been one of those weeks.

But a few pretty awesome ladies are participating in the How You Home event to share their textiles and pillows. My own pillow/throw situation is currently lacking, so I thought I’d share some others that are pretty rad. If y’all have any of your own, share them on Instagram with the tag #howyouhome.

pampa blankets textiles show me your textiles .jpg


shibori textiles boho style eclectic style diy pillows throws.png


This one is so expensive but so pretty.

indigo kilim tribal shibori diy eclectic style boho.png


Just looking at this picture makes me warm.

modern boho eclectic style diy cozy warm blue neutral throw blankets patterns solids.png


honestly wtf anthropologie tribal nature throws pillows textiles cozy.png


Now, I’m going to go cozy up in bed and watch some scary movies. See all y’all on Friday!



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